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K25K Run for the luv-o-lu-tion 2014

Want to start working out but always seem to lose steam within a few weeks….Try doing it for a cause! This awesome race is coming up to raise money for many different organizations, race for a reason! We at CrossFit Fission are helping to raise money and want to you reach your fitness goals in the process. Come check us out today and start training to help someone else!

Womens Only Class

Just want to make sure everyone knows. Our Womens Only Class hours have changed. Please let me know if this new schedule conflicts with yours or if you are interested in any days we do not offer. We want to work around our members and would love to expand the benefits to more women! Thank you to all our members, we are having a blast getting to know you and having the opportunity to work with you to reach your fitness goals!!!

FREE 2 Week Trial!!!

April 28th-May9th at 6:30PM (only)
Do not miss out on this amazing opportunity! You will get the same training and workout as all of our members do but for FREE. We want everyone to see what CrossFit can do for them and are confident that once you try it and get past that “intimidation” factor, YOU WILL BE HOOKED! There is nothing more exciting than to work in a team environment, feeding off others motivation and improving yourself physically, mentally and just overall health. We want you to succeed to reach your goals!

Again! April 28th-May 9th at 6:30pm (only)
CrossFit Fission
3700 West 2150 South #2
West Valley, UT 84120

Water, Water, Water……Did you know?

Nutritional Value of Water

Water is a nutrient all its own, helping every cell in your body function properly. Most people get about 20 percent of their water through food and the rest by drinking water or other beverages. To meet Institute of Medicine water-intake recommendations, men should drink about 13 cups of nonalcoholic fluids per day, while women should drink about 9 cups per day.

Proper hydration is important for overall health. Without proper hydration, you become dehydrated, which means your body does not have enough water to function normally. You lose water every day when you breathe, sweat and go to the bathroom. The water content in the foods you eat and the beverages you drink combine to hydrate your body.
Athletic Performance
Hydration is essential to peak athletic performance. When you do not consume enough liquid or fresh fruits and vegetables to stay properly hydrated, you end up thirsty and light headed. Insufficient hydration fatigues your muscles, reduces your coordination and causes muscle cramps. While working out or playing sports, dehydration compromises the body’s ability to cool itself through sweating. This leads to heat exhaustion and in extreme cases a potentially life-threatening condition called heat stroke.
Weight Loss
Consume part of the water required for proper daily hydration before your meals to control your appetite according to a study by researchers from Virginia Tech and reported at the 2010 National Meeting of the American Chemical Society. Drinking 16 oz. of water before meals three times a day over a 12-week period increased average weight loss by about 5 lbs., compared with those who did not increase water intake. Researchers could not definitively say what caused the additional weight loss but speculate it fills up the stomach making you feel fuller.


Just a Typical Tuesday!

push jerk
Tuesday we had a great WOD that worked out every muscle in your body and helped build strength. It was not a grueling workout so it gave your body a bit of a rest to enjoy being active and apart of a great workout team! The skill work this morning was holding hand stands and Overhead press to Push Press to Push Jerk. I did my PR in Push Jerk today at 95 Pounds and am very excited. I am not quite at the impressive weight that most of you are at but I am very grateful for the weight and movements that I can do. For all of those who do not know what a Push Jerk is, you are missing out. I challenge you to come and find out for yourself! And WOMEN Please come, I have a women’s only class that we are always stoked to have new comers and progress together through all these moves you have never challenged yourself to do before!

Let’s also not forget my amazing husband. I sadly do not have pictures of the weight he throws around in the gym because it is incredibly more impressive but today he decided to push himself into TWO WOD’s! No April Fool’s there:) He did every minute on the minute at 145 pounds, Power Snatch into an Overhead Squat for 10 Minutes. Phew! Then to top it off did 5 Rounds of 10 Dips and 10 Toes to Bar in 7:15 minutes. IMPRESSIVE:) So any of you who did not understand a word I just sad…AGAIN come see me:)


Working out provides so many health benefits. I want to also emphasize the importance of Nutrition. Some say your diet is 80% of the equation. As hard as it may seem your body is a machine and the fuel you put in it will prove beneficial when it comes to day to day activities, seeing physical results and progressing in your fitness. As CrossFitters our diet is key to our performance in our 1 hour sessions and so we try to be aware of what we take in the other 23 hours of the day. Below is the basic foundation of how to keep track of your diet and to make sure you not only take in too much of what you shouldn’t but that you also are taking in everything your body needs for the increased demands you put on it.

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We want to make sure everyone knows about our FREE class this Saturday. We will offer FREE classes every 1st and 3rd Saturday of EVERY month but this month is an exception due to the date of our opening. We know many of you have only heard of what CrossFit is really about and we are so excited about our programs that we offer them for FREE so you can experience BEFORE signing up!!!! Tell your friends and make an afternoon of it! We start at 11am and are an hour long. Located at 3700 W 2150 S #2 West Valley City, UT!! BOOM!


Be Sure to like us on Facebook and Follow us for more frequent updates! And don’t miss out on our OPEN HO– USE this Friday Feb.28th from 6-8pm! FreeBirds is catering and we will have prizes and games..BOOM!