Crossfit fam…

Coach Miles and I regret to inform you all that the gym at its current location will be closing. A merger with another awesome gym named The Movement, at another location, will take place at a future undecided date but for time being ours will be closed (Jan 19).

We are honored to have called you all members, athletes, and friends. It’s a difficult task to even temporarily walk away from four years of hard work. However it’s an impossible task to deny the drive of your career that pays the bills and the time to be with your family and be a parent. It’s devastating it has come to this but we cannot undo the progressions in our careers nor continue to ask favors of the ones we love to keep the gym open. We did our best to make decisions that were for the better of the community but sometimes things happen outside of your own control and don’t go to plan. Our biggest fear is all of you discontinuing your fitness journey as it remains our passion to improve the health and fitness of our community and the reason that we owned and operated CrossFit Fission.

Our community is strong and the passion and fun doesn’t have to stop because this location is closing. We’d hope that you’d all take us up on the offer to join us as fellow athletes over at The Movement and take advantage of a three month promo or one month promo the owner of The Movement, Ryan Hyatt, has offered us. Miles and I both came from there and both of us plan to return as athletes where I’ll continue dominating him in strength and he’ll laugh while I puke after WODs.

As for January memberships and payments, we have already cancelled all payments and refunded the ones that have processed. Regardless we invite all to continue to workout for free this last month and enjoy our time together sharing a sweat.

Lastly, January 19th we cordially invite ALL past and present athletes to a “LAST WOD STANDING” event to say goodbye, get a last bacon sizzle in, and send us off properly with love and smiles. Lord knows I’ve cried enough over this decision, Miles plays his cards close to his chest… WE GONNA END THIS ON A HIGH NOTE! Time will be our normal Saturday 1000 start time with some beers and snacks afterward. Beers on us!! (Although it is recommended if preference is a thing bring your own damn beer😉)

We love all of you and hope you understand how much you’ve changed and impacted our lives as I’d hope we’ve impacted yours. This been an unforgettable ride, thank you!


Coach Miles and Scott