Timely Arrival

Hey everyone!

This is just a friendly reminder about showing up on time to class. Showing up on time helps ensure you get the full 10-15 min to properly go through each warmup stretch/drill. These drills are important as they are specifically designed to help loosen you up for what we are about to work on that day. They also help build muscle memory for other exercises we frequently do (snatches, cleans, squats, wall balls, etc).

Last but not least, showing up on time helps us all keep a tight schedule. Not only does it help those who need to get places they need to get to in a timely fashion, it also helps us as coaches start and end classes on time – (to come full circle) thus allowing others to start their warmup on time.

With all that being said, to encourage y’all to show up on time, we are going to start enforcing a 5-burpee penalty for every minute you show up late to class. Yay burpees!

See you tomorrow… on time!


Your CF Fission Coaches