CrossFit v.s. Personal Training costs

What do you get when you CrossFit?
Challenging and varied fitness programs.
Motivation from your coach!
Motivation from your team.
Nutrition advice.

Many people willingly spend over $25 for a 30 minute session with a Personal Trainer, on top of that you are required to pay a monthly gym fee to the location where you are getting training. CrossFit gets you the same results, same attention and same variation of workouts but with way less of the cost.
Only 3 sessions with a Personal Trainer in 1 month would cost you $75 min. plus the $30-40 a month gym fee. When you train at a CrossFit you get unlimited classes 6 days a week for only $100 a month. Next time the question of cost for your fitness makes you hesitate, lets do the math!! And look at the results!

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