Just a Typical Tuesday!

push jerk
Tuesday we had a great WOD that worked out every muscle in your body and helped build strength. It was not a grueling workout so it gave your body a bit of a rest to enjoy being active and apart of a great workout team! The skill work this morning was holding hand stands and Overhead press to Push Press to Push Jerk. I did my PR in Push Jerk today at 95 Pounds and am very excited. I am not quite at the impressive weight that most of you are at but I am very grateful for the weight and movements that I can do. For all of those who do not know what a Push Jerk is, you are missing out. I challenge you to come and find out for yourself! And WOMEN Please come, I have a women’s only class that we are always stoked to have new comers and progress together through all these moves you have never challenged yourself to do before!

Let’s also not forget my amazing husband. I sadly do not have pictures of the weight he throws around in the gym because it is incredibly more impressive but today he decided to push himself into TWO WOD’s! No April Fool’s there:) He did every minute on the minute at 145 pounds, Power Snatch into an Overhead Squat for 10 Minutes. Phew! Then to top it off did 5 Rounds of 10 Dips and 10 Toes to Bar in 7:15 minutes. IMPRESSIVE:) So any of you who did not understand a word I just sad…AGAIN come see me:)

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