Crossfit fam…

Coach Miles and I regret to inform you all that the gym at its current location will be closing. A merger with another awesome gym named The Movement, at another location, will take place at a future undecided date but for time being ours will be closed (Jan 19).

We are honored to have called you all members, athletes, and friends. It’s a difficult task to even temporarily walk away from four years of hard work. However it’s an impossible task to deny the drive of your career that pays the bills and the time to be with your family and be a parent. It’s devastating it has come to this but we cannot undo the progressions in our careers nor continue to ask favors of the ones we love to keep the gym open. We did our best to make decisions that were for the better of the community but sometimes things happen outside of your own control and don’t go to plan. Our biggest fear is all of you discontinuing your fitness journey as it remains our passion to improve the health and fitness of our community and the reason that we owned and operated CrossFit Fission.

Our community is strong and the passion and fun doesn’t have to stop because this location is closing. We’d hope that you’d all take us up on the offer to join us as fellow athletes over at The Movement and take advantage of a three month promo or one month promo the owner of The Movement, Ryan Hyatt, has offered us. Miles and I both came from there and both of us plan to return as athletes where I’ll continue dominating him in strength and he’ll laugh while I puke after WODs.

As for January memberships and payments, we have already cancelled all payments and refunded the ones that have processed. Regardless we invite all to continue to workout for free this last month and enjoy our time together sharing a sweat.

Lastly, January 19th we cordially invite ALL past and present athletes to a “LAST WOD STANDING” event to say goodbye, get a last bacon sizzle in, and send us off properly with love and smiles. Lord knows I’ve cried enough over this decision, Miles plays his cards close to his chest… WE GONNA END THIS ON A HIGH NOTE! Time will be our normal Saturday 1000 start time with some beers and snacks afterward. Beers on us!! (Although it is recommended if preference is a thing bring your own damn beer😉)

We love all of you and hope you understand how much you’ve changed and impacted our lives as I’d hope we’ve impacted yours. This been an unforgettable ride, thank you!


Coach Miles and Scott

Pricing Changes are LIVE

Hey everybody!

Our pricing changes are live. Here’s what our simplified payment structure looks like now:


  • Individual – $115
  • Couples – $199

LIMITED PLAN (3 days/wk)

  • Individual – $95
  • Couples – $175

Drop-in fee is still $15 per day

All memberships are setup on a month-to-month basis with the auto-renew option ON. This means all memberships will renew every month and payment will automatically be submitted. Athletes are allowed to cancel whenever they want, but they must let us know ahead of time. If payment is submitted without a prior cancel request, your payment will be kept and membership will be valid for that next month.

Have questions? Want to sign up? Stop by any time we’re open, call us, or email us at crossfitfission@gmail.com.


CFF – Miles & Scott

Pricing Changes

Hey everyone,

Effective April 1, 2017, all NEW MEMBERS will be subject to a new membership format and new pricing. For everyone with a current membership, nothing is expected to change (unless you want it to).

The format of all new memberships will be month to month (no more 3, 6 or 12 month commitment). Anyone may cancel at any time; however, if you do not provide us with sufficient notice of your cancellation and payment is submitted, you’re welcome to stay another month but your payment will not be refunded. That being said, if the mistake was ours, we will gladly take ownership and refund your payment.

Pricing will be as follows:

  • Unlimited | Month to Month | $115
  • Limited (3d/wk) | M2M | $95
  • Couples Unlimited | M2M | $199
  • Couples Limited | M2M | $175
  • Drop-ins | Day to Day | $15* (not final)
  • Punch Pass | Buy 9, Get 1 Free | $135* (subject to change with drop-in fee)

For any questions, inquire within or give us a call.

See you soon!

Miles & Scott | CFF

Timely Arrival

Hey everyone!

This is just a friendly reminder about showing up on time to class. Showing up on time helps ensure you get the full 10-15 min to properly go through each warmup stretch/drill. These drills are important as they are specifically designed to help loosen you up for what we are about to work on that day. They also help build muscle memory for other exercises we frequently do (snatches, cleans, squats, wall balls, etc).

Last but not least, showing up on time helps us all keep a tight schedule. Not only does it help those who need to get places they need to get to in a timely fashion, it also helps us as coaches start and end classes on time – (to come full circle) thus allowing others to start their warmup on time.

With all that being said, to encourage y’all to show up on time, we are going to start enforcing a 5-burpee penalty for every minute you show up late to class. Yay burpees!

See you tomorrow… on time!


Your CF Fission Coaches

Have no Fear… CrossFit is here!!

Try CrossFit!

Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Intensity: So many times people go to the (globo) gym, wander around for a bit and say “Woohoo I went to the gym”… but are hardly seeing results. It can be difficult to keep yourself going and dig deep when under duress if you’re alone. At CrossFit, seeing others do the same workout and hearing (and giving) encouragement keeps you going beyond what you thought you could. We understand it takes time to adapt. We aren’t going to force you to move quicker or lift more weights if you aren’t ready, you’ll know when you’re ready to step it up. See more below under Community.
  • Effort: When or if you get to the (globo) gym you can go through the motions and say you got in your workout but the effort you put into it will mirror the results you get. If you like to chat between reps or watch T.V. then the focus you put on your progress may be lacking. At CrossFit, the atmosphere is so great that whether you are in the mood or not you will end up putting in the most effort you can everyday to increase your chances of reaching your fitness goals.
  • Short Workouts: CrossFit classes are 1 hour long. No longer, no shorter and during that time you cover a warm-up, stretching, skill/strength work and your workout. No longer is it necessary to go to the gym for 2hours or more to get the results you want. 1 hour is all CrossFit needs to mold you into a stronger you!
  • Community: When you go to the gym, do you feel like you are lost amongst a bunch of people who are just pushing you out of the way to get their workout in? Not at CrossFit. We are all working towards being better and stronger and we all work together to help everyone reach their goals and be the best you can be! What a way to connect and stay motivated with positive like-minded people.
  • So that is why CrossFit is your NOW! Stop looking at the pro athletes online and thinking you have to get in shape to start. NOPE. We scale everything to start you at YOUR level. Progress is our goal and to do that you need to have a strong foundation of fundamental moves and form. Do not hesitate any longer and do not be afraid. You will never regret the decision to invest in your health and fitness from those that only want to help you reach that goal.​ CrossFit Fission will get you where you want to be!

    **** UPDATED PRICES ****
    12 month unlimited membership for ONLY $99!!
    3-days per week deals starting at only $80!!
    And month-to-month payment plans starting at $90!!

    As always, we offer a FREE CONSULTATION!

    If you have ever wanted to try CrossFit, NOW IS THE TIME. Stop delaying or coming up with petty excuses. Life is short. Take control of your fitness NOW!

    Call Scott @ 801-651-3187 or Miles @ 801-870-7679 TODAY!

    Christmas Fitness Challenge!!!

    Merry Christmas all you CrossFitters!!! Alright now you have relaxed, eaten some grub, now it is time for your fitness challenge….Sit-ups! gather around your family and friends and teach them how we do sit ups.
    5 minutes total of sit-ups.
    1 minute of work, 1 minute of rest.
    Count your accumulative number of sit-ups you complete within your 5 minutes and tell us how your friends and family did!!!!

    Christmas CrossFit Schedule

    All right members and soon to be members here is our class schedule for the week of Christmas. You can also view this on our classes tab.
    Wednesday Christmas EVE we will NOT be having our 6:30pm Class: Thursday, Friday and Saturday we will have NO Classes. Follow us on Facebook to see some challenges you can do with your family over the Christmas Holiday. Just because we are not having classes DOES NOT MEEN YOU GET A BREAK:)! Stay away from sweets and workout with your fam! See you the first of this week and Next week back on schedule!
    crossfit santa